Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~leaving or not leaving??~

i've been thinking about starting blogging once again. i had failed to do so last year and i hope at this point of time, it will not be too late too start a new chapter in my life as i did start a new one a couple of weeks ago..so, i'm thinking of leaving this blog with all its histories behind and start a new one in another blog..i'm thinking of wordpress. i will leave the new blog address soon..so wait for me..

Sunday, March 7, 2010


anxiety has filled my life even in simplest as what to eat for breakfast.. i have worries and these worries won't disappear until the big day..pray that i will have the strength to overcome these anxieties and be strong in every day of my life. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~i have to do it all~

~just because i am new to the system, doesn't mean that i don't have to do it..now, i realize, teaching is only the tip of the iceberg. lotsa things have to be done by the teacher so as to call it 'TEACHER". it is so stressful at first because i had no ideas on what was i supposed to do. imagine, on the first day itself, i had allllllllllll my posts:

  • the class teacher for Year 1G.
  • the vice secretary for SMM.
  • The new pentaksir sekolah.
  • The new advisor of the English Club.
  • n more to come...

i had to 'babysit' all the Year 1 students from the very first day and i cried at that instance knowing that i don't like small kids. but, what options did i have at that time. surrender or never give up. i chose the later one coz, i ain't a quitter.. but now, because i ain't a quitter, i have to do it all...........

Until then, finger crossed and hope for the best,

~action song~

~huhu..despite all the sad things that i've felt for these couples of weeks, i actually have something that is very fun to do with or should i say work on with..my new task as a new member of the English Department is to find 15 students who will be representing the school  to the Zone level for Action Song.. i heard bout this action song for quite a few time from my beloved mother.so i was not that shocked when they gave me this new job. i know what i have to do, n i promise, i will do it with my very best..i will do my very best and win the competition.if i win, this will be a huge present for me as a beginning teacher. apart from that, my name will also be known in the Pontian, and this will help me in the process of 'pengesahan jawatan'..~

Until then, fingers crossed and hope for the best,

~~What are you to me?~~

~u r never there for me..never there to dry up my tears..never there to make me smile..never there to comfort me when i am down..so, what are u to me?